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Marta Phillips Legacy Mentorship Program Information


Student Eligibility/Qualifications

  1. Students must have completed the highest level of Marta Phillips Jr. Legacy Program with receiving all 20 points in the 4 categories and Receiving Marta Phillips Legacy Award.

  2. The Student/Mentee’s will be announced at end of year show in June every year.


Marta Phillips Legacy Mentorship Program

  1. The day you are inducted into the program the student/mentee will receive a Mentorship Program Achievement Award.

  2. The Student/Mentee will receive one 30 min. Private Lesson in a style of dance/theatre with an instructor of their choice. (Redeemable June – October of the year inducted)

  3. The Student/Mentee will meet one-on-one in-person or virtually before their program starts and twice each year after that till completion of program with their Mentor.

  4. The Mentorship Program will evolve as the student/mentee grows and learns till they graduate their senior year of high School. 

  5. The Student/Mentee will earn an achievement award each year depending on their personal needs and growth. Each award for each student/mentee could be different.



Goals and General Outline of Program

  • The Student/Mentee will continue to focus on Work Ethic, Overall Progress and Technique, Performance Quality and/or Class Participation, Positive Inspiration to fellow classmates, Teamwork, and working with Instructors. 


  • The Mentorship will be Empowering them to resolve current issues and to develop coping strategies for the future. appropriate boundaries. Acknowledging their strengths, talents and gifts and encouraging them to find ways to use them. While providing guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling. Additionally help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources.


  • The Mentee will have the resources to learn clarity, communication, commitment, competence, character, confidence, self-confidence, build self-esteem, leadership skills, connection, compassion, experience, encouragement, feedback, and advice. If they choose a dance career path we will help with dance/theatre auditions prep, college dance/theatre auditions, etc. If, not a dance career path they will have been provided with the life experiences they can carry into any career path and can help guide them as much as we can to get them to resources to their dream career.


  • Skills Development - Help learn specific skill sets to develop, add value and progress on their path. Academic goals and how they work with their career goals and dance now or in the future. Performance - including work ethic in classes, school, personal skills even outside of the dance studio.


  • Assist the Instructor and Opportunities – Help learn how to understand to instruct, guide, teach, choreograph, choose music, create a moving piece of art, etc. Being able to experience responsibilities of a job and understand how and why you might choose that career path. Understand the importance of foundation and learning. Opportunities will evolve for each Mentee on how involved they want to be in the program and grow.


  • Goal Setting/Career Planning - Help identify professional and personal goals, as well as think about long-term career path. discuss early career dreams and possible career moves. Develop skills and attitudes that prepare them to be lifelong learners, such as efficient practice, self-directed learning, problem solving, time management, entrepreneurship, sustained attention, self-awareness, curiosity, motivation, confidence, and flexibility. 


  • Problem Solving - Help develop cognitive skills to strengthen the mental process of discovering, analyzing, and solving problems to overcome obstacles. Brainstorm solutions together, as well as discuss pros and cons for each option. 


  • Networking and Communication - Help expand connections and networks. Earning trust and trusting others. How to communicate and understand.


  • One-on-one in a class setting Mentoring – Most of the in-person Mentoring will happen in the students’ classes as hands on learning, sent home students evaluations and self-evaluations, in-between class communications, etc. again this is an evolving program.


  • Peer-to-peer Mentoring - Students step into mentorship to their peers. Students excel when they support and learn from one another, whether it’s in dance, academics or in adolescence. This will start later in the program.


  • Parent/Guardian Communications – Communications will be open throughout the program. All special events, opportunities, any event outside of regular class schedule will be talked through before being scheduled.


  • The Student/Mentee – This program will give each of you what you need as a person if you work, listen, communicate, try, set small goals, set big goals, and/or take one step at a time. Your mentors are here for you, and we are learning and growing with you. You already started the journey in the Jr. Legacy Program, the mentorship just focuses and evolves with you through your current, college, and career goals!




We Look forward to working, learning, inspiring, and evolving with our Mentee’s,

Marta’s Legacy Staff

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