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About Us

Our Founder - Marta Phillips

        Marta Phillips, a native of Oklahoma, was the daughter of two writes, both her mother and father being newspaper reporters for the New York Times. Marta inherited her parents’ creative talents, however, for Marta, her creativity was to be carried out in the performing arts. Marta began professional dancing at the age of twelve, and eventually took classes from legendary movie star and tap-dance guru, Ann Miller. A professional, Russian-trained ballerina, Marta enjoyed a long and prominent career as a dancer, appearing in several Broadway and off Broadway shows. Not content merely to dance, however, Marta expanded her capabilities by studying acting, and had success in many non-musical productions.

Eventually, Marta’s performances took her to Spain, and she decided to stay in Europe. Fluent in Spanish, Italian, French, and, of course, English, Marta was able to not only dance, but to write, direct and produce shows, and at one point, even operated her own nightclub while living in Italy. It was here that she developed her unique and original art form of combining monologues and dance.

        Several years later, upon her return to the United States, Marta continued to produce and choreograph musicals. She also began to teach dance while living in the Miami, Florida area. A few years later, Marta established her residency in Brevard County and opened The Cocoa Village Dance Studio. After many years she decided to move her studio to Merritt Island and renamed it Marta’s Dance Studio, which she continued to operate for many wonderful years.

       Sadly, Marta developed cancer, and passed away in 2011. However, her studio is still alive and well, being operated by two of Marta’s long-time students. The studio, now called Marta’s Legacy Dance Studio, is privileged to carry on her amazing legacy.

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