Welcome to Marta's Legacy Dance Studio - Teaching Performing Arts for 35 Years!

Our Mission Statement:
   To provide quality performing arts training and encourage talented individuals to reach their full potential and to pursue their dreams.
Our Goals:
◊          to teach
◊          to encourage  
◊          to inspire
◊          to support
◊          to provide opportunities
Our goal is to offer the highest quality dance, acting, and voice classes that prepare children for professional opportunities. An important part of the study of dance, acting, and voice is the commitment and discipline required by us from the students. These skills carry over  into other areas of the student’s lives. We move students forward based on their strength and ability. Pushing a child too quickly can result in frustration and injury. The policies set forth herein are to ensure a safe and constructive learning environment for all. We invite you to be part of our many years with Marta’s LEGACY Dance Studio.