Level & Class Descriptions

Level descriptions
Level 1/2 - ages 3-5 years old - Introductory Beginning
Level 2/3 - ages 4-6 years old - Beginning
Level 4 - ages 6-12 years old - Beginning/Intermediate
Level 5 - ages 8-12 years old - Intermediate
Level 6 - ages 12 years & up - Advanced through Professional
Level Adult (A) - ages 18 & up - Beginner through Professional
Acting & Voice Lessons - ages 4 & up
Dance Lessons - ages 2 ½ & up
Private Lessons - available upon request - all ages & all styles
Class Descriptions(Fall Schedule 2016-2017)
Acting class - recreational through professional actors & actress', that
will learn to act in theater, television, film, or any other story telling
medium who tells the story by portraying a character a character and usually
speaking or singing the written text, monologue, or play. This class will also
teach them to adapt quickly to new skills through various teaching techniques
including improve. All levels will perform at the end of the year recital in
Audition Prep - recreational through professional this class will prepare
you for any audition such as a play, acting role, dance role, singing role,
broadway role, television role, college entry, etc. The instructor will teach
you the do's and don'ts of an audition process, go through scenario auditions,
head shots, resumes, etiquette, build confidence, etc.
Ballet - recreational through professional system of dance based on formalized
movements and positions of the arms, feet, and body designed to enable the
dancer to move with the greatest possible agility, control, speed, lightness,
and grace. Classical-ballet technique is based on the turned-out position of the
legs, which increases the range of movement through added mobility in the hip
joint and also imparts a more pleasing line to the extended leg and learn
ballet terminology and the pronunciation, meaning, and precise body form and
movement associated with each term. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the legs
and body core (the center, or abdominals) as a strong core is required for many
ballet movements (especially turns), and on developing flexibility and
strengthening legs and feet. All levels will perform at the end of the year
recital in June! All levels will perform at the end of the year recital in June!
Ballet Technique- recreational through professional same as ballet
description but will not have a performance for end of year recital! Just
working on all fundamentals and this class will help the serious dancers get
ahead with their skills
Ballet/Tap Class - please see both ballet and tap descriptions, but this class
also has mat work to build the tiny dancers stability and coordination will
developing their minds to remember all their fundamentals. All levels will
perform at the end of the year recital in June!
Dance Expression - recreational through professional a class were the
dancer will learn facials to go along with their dance moves. The dancer will
learn to express their emotions through choreographed dances and improvisation
dance. They will leave feeling confident to act and show emotions in all the
classes and become the performer the need to be.
Dance Tricks – This class will learn the dance tricks that are in most jazz and lyrical styles of dance, great way to build flexibility and strength.
 Hip Hop - recreational through professional Any type of dance that is done to
modern, popular music could be considered “Hip-Hop”. Also a musical genre
itself, “Hip-Hop” is derived from an urban, “street” type of movement and also
have nurmous styles within it including popping, locking, ticking, break dancing,
B boy, lyrical styles, house, etc! However, we do censor our music and in this
class there will be NO vulgar music or inappropriate songs played. “Hip-Hop” is
extremely popular these days and can be seen virtually everywhere, from
commercials to artists in concerts. Our “Hip-Hop” classes include extensive
strength training, coordination skill exercises, and combinations in the center
to recognizable, age-appropriate music, and tricks! All levels will perform at
the end of the year recital in June!
Jazz - recreational through professional The “Jazz” dance style covers perhaps
the most territory of all. It encompasses a wide variety of other styles. Not to
be confused with the musical genre of “Jazz”, this style of dance is not always
performed to “Jazz” music, but can often use the popular music of today.
Combining the basic techniques of ballet with the more modern steps found in Pop
and Broadway, “Jazz” is an upbeat, stylish, and versatile dance form. Our “Jazz”
classes include intensive strengthening warm ups, stretching techniques to
elongate and encourage muscle strength, across the floor movements, leaps, turns
and center combination work to fun and upbeat, recognizable music. Our student
will have great knowledge of their terminology, a visual change in strength and
flexibility, and a great appreciation for the dance form. All levels will
perform at the end of the year recital in June!
Lyrical/Contemporary - recreational through professional this beautiful,
expressive style if often performed to slower, gentler music. It is called
“Lyrical” because its movements are meant to tell audiences a kind of story
through dance. The form combines Ballet techniques with the Jazz and Modern
styles influencing the movements. An emotionally driven dance form, “Lyrical”
depends greatly on the passion and interpretation of the performer, and not just
the movements themselves. Also Contemporary dance is the exploration of the
total movement potential of the body. It differs from commercial or competitive
dance in that it is not bound by set standards, as well as defined styles such
as ballet or Jazz dance. Instead, it seeks to express a personalized vision,
often through experimentation and collaboration for the development of new, more
individualized approaches to the moving body and choreographic possibilities. It
does not refuse classical ballet's leg technique in favor of modern dance's
stress on the torso, while it also employs contact-release, floor work, fall and
recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance. Unpredictable
changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used, as well. All levels will
perform at the end of the year recital in June!
Musical Theatre - recreational through professional.  A class that combines
songs, spoken dialogue, acting, & dance, that had a story with all different
emotions that are communicated through song, dance, & acting known as broadway
musicals. The students will learn all aspects with sometimes more emphasis on dancing with
acting and lip sync. And the style will be determined by the instructor. All levels will perform at the end of the year recital in June!
Pointe - recreational through professional Pointe technique is the part of
classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work, in which a ballet dancer
supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet. A dancer is said to
be en pointe when the dancer's body is supported in this manner, and a fully
extended foot is said to be en pointe when touching the floor, even when not
bearing weight. Pointe work is performed while wearing pointe shoes, which
employ structural reinforcing to distribute the dancer's weight load throughout
the foot, thus reducing the load on the toes enough to enable the dancer to
support all body weight on fully vertical feet.
Pointe technique resulted from a desire for female dancers to appear weightless
and sylph-like.  All levels will perform at the end of the year recital in June!
Tap - recreational through professional “Tap” is a percussive style of dance.
Special shoes are worn by tap dancers to create various rhythms on the floor.
While the rest of the body is still crucial to this art form, and general
balance and grace are important, the fundamental characteristic of “Tap” is the
sound it creates. There are different styles of this dance form, from the more
classical form associated with the Rockettes, to a more modern, aggressive style
called “hoofing”. Our “Tap” classes include tap-barre, center exercises,
tap-turns both center and across the floor, and extensive rhythmic combination
training. Our students will have an overall comprehension of rhythm, tap
technique and terminology which will greatly enhance their coordination skills.
All levels will perform at the end of the year recital in June!
Vocal - recreational through professional singers that will learn all the
proper skills & techniques of poster, breathing, intonation, pitch, range, and
proper warm-up. The students will learn to produce musical sounds with the voice
& augments regular speech by use of tonality & rhythm. Singers will be
accompanied by selected music of different genres or accapella. All levels will
perform at the end of the year recital in June!